I will NOT fall in Love!!!

I loved the idea of homeschooling.  I loved the thought that I wasn’t just spinning my wheels in school and playing the popularity game.  I wanted to get out of high school and get into college where I would be working directly towards my future career.  But, it was more than just a desire, it was my destiny.

When I met David & Kirk Johnson, my dad bet that I would want to date Kirk (a year younger than me) and my mom bet that I would date David (a year older than me).  I firmly said that I wasn’t interested in either one!!!  I didn’t want a boyfriend!  I wanted out of high school and I wanted Jesus!

The first time I met the Johnsons, Kirk came up, shoved this enormously large reptile in my face & said, “Wanta see my Iguana?”  I wasn’t particularly scared, but I didn’t care to see the Iguana – especially not that close.  Kirk was a 13 y/o boy – need I say more?

David was away on a mission trip to Mexico, so I didn’t get to meet him at first.  However, we visited the other Johnsons at their house and were introduced to the ins & outs of homeschooling.

A few weeks later, I was attending a youth meeting / mini-conference and I was supposed to get some homeschooling books from David (Whom I had never met).  I approached him and with a nice open ended statement, I said, “So, I hear you went to Mexico…”  He glanced at me and replied, “Yea, they didn’t have any windows” and walked away.  I stood there stunned thinking, “what just happened?”  I knew at that moment that David was either extremely shy or extremely stuck up…

Nevertheless, I had to get those books from David or I would be in trouble from my parents!  After I worried and fretted over how I was going to get the books, David finally walked up to me said, “Here” and placed a stack full of books in my hands.  Whew!  Mission Accomplished!  Well, the mission of the books anyway…


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