What next???

Well, as young married, 16y/o, but in college where did we fit in at Church with Sunday School???  Hmm…  we didn’t!!!  So, we taught 6th grade Sunday School ♥

Yes, we had our little tiffs about something the other said that hurt our feelings, finances, intimacy, and all of the other normal newlywed issues.  But, overall, we spent the next few years growing closer as best friends.  We spent hours together playing rollerblade hockey, jumping on the trampoline, and studying for nursing school.  We even bought a bulldog named Princess.


As money allowed, we were able to move out of David’s parent’s house & into our first apartment.  How exciting!!!  We moved in with a TV tray, 2 Nintindo chairs and a waterbed handed down from my parents.  With work and school, things were pretty busy!  We really didn’t need much else!

After one long day at school, I was driving home when someone started to come into my lane on the highway.  I swerved to miss the vehicle and immediately threw my car into a fish tail.  I remember trying to think through what to do, but instinctively, I hit the brake.  Wrong choice…  I spun around several lanes of the highway and ended up facing traffic.  The van in the fast lane hit me head on just before I would have slammed into the center concrete divider.  Stuck in the middle of a not so good area of Dallas in a situation I had never had before, I tried to keep it together, yet I was obviously shaken.  Luckily, the man that hit me was extremely nice, yet I was still trying to figure out what all was going on when my Dad walked up from nowhere!  Tears welling up in his eyes, he put his strong arms around me and asked if I was okay.  I was very confused about everything, but I knew my Dad would know what to do.  He helped me exchange information with the other driver and then he helped me to move my car off of the highway.  From there, he drove me home because I was too shaken to try to drive anymore.

My dad worked for the Fire Department and on occasion, drove a SUV with lights around the city.  Apparently, that was one of those days and he just happened to be driving by on the other side of the highway when he saw me standing there at the wreck scene.  Because of the lights on his SUV, he was able to make his way through the rush hour traffic that I was backing up :-/  What are the chances that would happen?  God knew I would need his loving embrace and comfort that day.  Looking back on that day, I can’t believe all of the details that had God’s hand written all over that event.

4 thoughts on “What next???

  1. M says:

    Our God is so good to us. What an awakening memory. One of our treasures personally cared for on earth by our Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord.


  2. Jason says:

    I remember Princess! I remember wanting one of the puppies when she had her first litter. I was going to name him Patton, and buy some General’s stars on base to put on his collar. I don’t remember why I abandoned that plan?? Maybe I need a bulldog… 🙂


  3. Mommy's Apron says:

    I have heard the car wreck story for years from Jase, but I’m not sure I have ever heard you tell it. I remember your apartment! I remember Princess too. 🙂


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