Pirate Kim

So, to continue the story of my life…  (around 1997-1999)

I continued with the unexplained double vision and I got to be a pirate!  Sorry, I don’t have any pictures from that time!  The cranial nerves work to keep the muscles holding your eyes to where they focus on the same point in unison.  In my case, my right eye would get to a point and then stop moving.  If my left eye continued on into that plane of vision, I would see double.  Treatement?  Eye patches…  So, 21 years old, at the height of the “How do I look?” phase of developmental psychology, I got 1 1/2 months of being a pirate.  Wear the patch on this eye for 1 hour, then switch…  Ugh!  I was fatigued, embarrassed, and kept a headache.

However, after that, I was fairly much back to myself.  Although, my indurance was not what it once was.  I remember being especially sensitive to the hot, humid summers.  If I got too hot, I would get this sick, weak feeling of impending doom.  Nothing ever happened during those times, but I would always feel like I had to do something – go lie down in the AC and rest seemed to be the best thing for it.

Life went back to normal for the most part.  We continued to water ski and camp and enjoy our lives together.  David started working towards applying to Nurse Anesthesia school.

The preparation for the admission process was a beating.  Then, there was the interview.  I remember spending an insane amount on a suit for the interview strictly because we were told they will judge you by the brand, material, and fit of the suit.  David made it through the interview, but he fretted over how he did up until the day the letter arrived.  With shaking hands, we read that David had been accepted to anesthesia school.  However, it was the next part that made our stomachs drop…  He was to complete 1 1/2 years in Texas at the college campus, then, he was to complete 1 1/2 years in California for his clinical rotations / residency.

About that same time, we found out that I was pregnant!  (Just to be totally clear…  We had been married around 6 years before my first pregnancy)  As all new parents, we were excited, nervous, and scared.  Yes, we immediately started looking up baby names.  I gazed at myself in the mirror.  What would I look like with a big belly?  We were even crazy enough to walk through the baby stores and start planning in our minds what all we would need.

Life was going good…