Change in Plans

Soon into my pregnancy, David’s work changed and we decided to move back to the Dallas area.  For future reference, I do not recommend a move during pregnancy!  Overall, I had no complications, but the fatigue and lifting limitations make it a tough transition.  Nevertheless, God provided help from all of our friends both in Louisiana and Texas to come to our aid.  I cannot recall the exact details of why everything happened as it did, but I think David had to start his new position in Dallas, leaving me to drive the Uhaul.

We decided to build a house in a new neighborhood, so that meant that we would have to spend 3 months living with David’s family before our home was completed.  I remember leaving our Louisiana house for the last time.  I spent the night with some great friends and shed tears as we said our good byes.  I made the long drive in the Uhaul truck and showed up at the home David grew up in.  Strangly enough, David’s parents were also building a house and had recently sold the house to David’s brother, Kirk.  So, it was going to be 3 months of a full house…  David’s parents, his brother & wife, and us.

I have vivid memories of our Texas friends trying to “birth” our temperpedic mattress through the small staircase that led to our upstairs apartment that had once been our newlywed home.  After much sweat, laughter, and a few tears, we were able to get our necessities upstairs, and the excess stuff placed into storage.

We went almost daily to check on the status of the construction of our future home.  Building a home is exciting to watch, but stressful to go through, and pregnancy hormones make it even worse!  By the time it was completed, third trimester “nesting” started to hit and I wanted my home settled!  At 7 1/2 months pregnant, I was finally able to move into our home.


I don’t know what it is about pregnancy, but it is like there is an unwritten club that you join during that time.  People open doors for you, give you their seat so you can sit down, carry things for you, and well…  just baby you.  It is fun being spoiled!  Life is filled with doctor appointments that just progressively get closer together the farther along you are.  The first glimpses of your child on sonogram are amazing!  Convinced that I must be having a boy, I was shocked when the doctor said it was a girl!  My God had given me the desire of my heart.

Every flutter, hiccup, kick, and movement were precious to me.  I had waited so long and God was giving me those experiences.  New life is miraculous and amazing!  The pain of miscarriage and infertility were still there in the fears that something bad could happen at any time, but I had to just trust in God.

Picture 002_5.jpg

It was exhausting trying to get everything in order.  Getting the nursery put together was one of my top priorities.  After painting, changing my mind on color, and having David to repaint the ceiling, the nursery was finally complete.


Life was exciting!  We were expecting our first child, we had a new home, and David was doing good with his job.

Praise God through whom all blessings flow!